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THE ENGLISHERS LLL is an international forum based in Türkiye working for the promotion and development of English Language, Linguistics, and Literature across the globe by providing consultancy in academic programs and training the teachers for their professional competence and research activities. 



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The ENGLISHERS LLL International is an organization, bringing in resources together and providing it, wherever necessary, in the world. Its main objectives are:

  • To help universities and institutions of the world to organize high quality international conferences with mutual understanding.

  • To help academic institutions arrange international training based on needs analysis for the professional developments of scholars and faculty members to take up for their professional and research requirements.

  • To initiate collaboration among institutions to accomplish specific goals and plans crossing  disciplinary, cultural, geographic and linguistic borders for the benefits of both research and researchers.

  • To provide innovative research betterment journals facing significant intellectual, constitutional, organizational and interpersonal challenges.

  • To provide expertise in various domains with appropriate skills and knowledge structure imparted efficiently among institutions.

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