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International Journal of ENGLISHERS' Englishes (IJEE)

IJEE, a journal of ENGLISHERS LLL International, is solely dedicated to printing original research articles that comply with three Es-Eminence, Excellence and Exuberance. The name ENGLISHERS took its form to indicate the aficionados of English Language, Literature and Linguistics who strive in unison to create a kind of mystical charm in writing through their creativity, ingenuity and wisdom. What evolved as an ordinary idea to create a platform for researchers of English language, literature and linguistics to express their innovative ideas on the subject has now grown into a full-fledged International journal with people from different parts of the world contributing in large measure towards its furtherance, growth and smooth progression.  

About Journal


  • To create an able platform for researchers in English Language, Literature and Linguistics.

  • To broaden the scope of the subject by bringing in as much innovation and creativity.

  • To work towards a common goal of empowering the academic community through quality research.


To exalt itself as an intercontinental hub of excellence among journal publications with full-fledged referenceable chronicles.


  • To make available a distinguished publishing podium for researchers of English Language, Literature and Linguistics to express their innovative views and ideas on the subject.

  • To provide the global language community of students, faculty and research scholars due recognition in being part of the knowledge community that aims to spread wisdom and progressive learning to others.

  • To see that research papers and scholarly articles published in the journal reach the deserving as much easier and quicker as possible.

  • To help promote avenues of research publications from socially, economically and culturally weakened sections of the society across the world.

  • To bring in hassle free publication to guarantee timely sharing of knowledge.


The Editorial board of Englishers LLL invites submissions on contemporary and traditional periods of the English language. The journal serves as a premier resource for original linguistic research based on information drawn from the English language, incorporating a comprehensive academic and procedural scope.  LLL typically aims to bring out articles ranging from old, middle and modern coetaneous and historical studies to contemporary English grammar, corpus linguistics, and dialectology. Similar topics such as language contact, business and diplomatic language or stylistics, are also acceptable provided the articles focus on the English language with proximate reference to ELT, Literature and Linguistics. Articles to this journal at large range from ten to twenty-five pages in typescript. LLL reviews titles in general and historical semantics, language disparity, socio-linguistics, and etymology for its reach to international audience. Unsought reviews cannot be considered. Books for review and further queries regarding reviews should be communicated to the Editor.

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